Why smoke CBD flower?

The ultimate guide to smoking CBD flower

We’re often asked, what’s the point of smoking CBD if it doesn’t get you high? There are many reasons why the “wine of Cannabis” is a welcomed addition to the smoking community. With traditional Cannabis strains becoming increasingly more potent in their THC concentrations, “how high” has become an increasingly debilitating game.

Here are the top 5 reasons to PIF CBD

1) The Health Benefits

Using CBD provides many medicinal and health benefits. According to various studies, CBD helps with:

  • Stress

  • Pain

  • Inflammation

  • Cramps

  • Seizures

  • Nausea

  • Migraines

To experience the full benefits of CBD, we highly recommend smoking CBD flower, versus ingesting tinctures. Smoking the flower increases its bio-availability in the bloodstream and the speed of absorption. All in all, it is a much more effective way of delivering it to your body.

2) Awareness and Traceability of what you’re Smoking

We at Plant Inspired Future (PIF) are proponents of smoking flower over oils and isolates. Yes, we understand oils are discrete and have emerged on the social scene. But, nature has been providing flowers for millennia and it is the safest way to ensure you are smoking an unadulterated product. All PIF CBD pre-rolls and flowers come with a Certificate of Analysis which lets you know exactly what you are smoking and where it is from.

Smoking the flower allows for the natural, synergistic effects of all of the cannabinoids and terpenes in your body. While you will be primarily experiencing CBD, it’s medicinal effects will be boosted by the many other cannabinoids. Lastly, have you heard of full spectrum? Guess what, the plant is already full spectrum. No need to pay a premium for “full spectrum” CBD.

3) Avoid the negative side effects of being “high”

A CBD joint is the “safe for work” version of joints. CBD does not produce the intoxicating aka “high” effect that traditional THC produces. When smoking CBD flower, you experience the same relaxing and calming body effects of smoking THC flower. It is like smoking an “indica” that doesn’t take away your energy. It also does not produce the temporary side effects of THC, such as:

  • Coordination problems

  • Dry mouth

  • Red eyes

  • Slower reaction times

  • “Munchies” (keep up with your fitness goals!)

4) A “Healthier” Smoke

A “healthier” smoke is an oxymoron because smoking is inherently not healthy. However, Cannabis is originally a smoking community and all over the world people enjoy smoking. When it comes to smoking cigarettes (tobacco), smoking CBD flower is becoming an increasingly effective tool for helping people quit tobacco. It’s long been documented how difficult quitting smoking tobacco is. Withdrawal effects include headaches, constipation, and so on. Smoking CBD flower not only helps cope with the withdrawal effects, it also psychologically satisfies the smokers’ oral fixation. It’s calming sensation helps relieve the stress and anxiety often cited as a smokers’ main reason for smoking. Many are finding success quitting tobacco and nicotine with CBD.

5) You don’t have to choose

It’s not CBD versus THC, it’s CBD AND THC. What do we mean? There are many reasons why you may choose a CBD joint for recreation instead of a traditional, THC joint. Many factors that come into play include time of day, your plans the rest of the day, and how you want to feel. Simply ask yourself “how high?” If it’s so high that you can touch the sky, then you know what to smoke :). But if you don’t want, or don’t need, or can’t be that high due to your responsibilities, CBD presents itself as an incredible alternative. Socially, you’ll be more in sync with your thoughts and attentive in conversations.

“Smoke weed every day” - Nate Dogg

A popular, but let’s admit it, highly irresponsible piece of hip hop advice is now possible thanks to CBD joints. Again, we must warn, any form of smoking brings inherent health risks specifically with your lungs. But if smoking is something you enjoy and look to enjoy responsibly, CBD is a great addition to your rotation. Relieve stress and anxiety, without compromising your focus.

Live PIF

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