Hemp Seed Oil and Cannabinoids

Hemp seed oil has been an inestimable source of nutrients for thousands of years. And with the growth of CBD, it is of great importance to shed light on the beneficial effects deriving from the contribution of other cannabinoids.

It is becoming an increasingly common belief that either THC or CBD alone is less effective than a combination of cannabinoids in producing the desired health effects of hemp seed oil and other cannabis-derived products.

For the first time, several cannabinoids have been detected in hemp seed oil. This adds a new question mark on the extreme variability and versatility in the health benefits of hemp seed oil and products derived from oil. In general, many studies are starting to show the health benefits of various Cannabinoids.

CBD - anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-epileptic properties

CBN - anticonvulsant properties

CBG - anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties

CBC - antibacterial properties

Although cannabinoids represent a small percentage among all hemp seed oil components (proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids, etc.), they actively contribute to the specific biological activity of products derived from hemp seed oil. The effects are further enhanced since all cannabinoids generally interact with each other and/or with other non-cannabinoid compounds. This makes the health benefits of consuming Hemp seed oil remarkably different than consuming CBD oil, the former leading to a variety and magnified health effects. For this reason, the preservation of the whole plant and whole plant ingredients [such as seed] is critical to maximizing the full potential for human life and well-being of derived products.

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